About Me

I’m a young woman trying to navigate through a life that has been turned upside down by illness and grief. Dark humor and inappropriate jokes are what keep me going. I love laughing and being silly.

The pandemic coincided with my own personal and family crises, and I never got back to the twenty-something life I was leading before. In that life I was excited to move out and start college, was active in sports and dreamed of adventures like swimming in the sea and hiking mountains. Now I’m trying to embrace living a little more slowly: reading, writing, painting and trying to train myself to appreciate the little things.

As I write this I am still in the midst of my own mental and physical health struggles. One might say I am still very much living in a fog. I am not writing from a place of being healed. I am writing because I have always thought “I’ll wait until life gets a better,” or “I’ll wait until things calm down,” then I’ll start writing. I’m so tired of waiting around for something that is never going to happen.

I like art!