Dearest Me, what if you weren’t Afraid?

I have to give credit where credit is due. I first came across this concept from the amazing Stacey Heale. I read it on one of her Instagram posts months ago and have not been able to let it go. In the last two years especially life has been governed by fear for many of us. There was a period where every morning I woke up with fear deep in my stomach before even starting the day. However, it has also made me realize that the fears I once had are not worthy of my time and energy anymore. These fears include things like

What will people think if I wear that?

What if someone doesn’t like that?

What if I look stupid or make a mistake?

I think you get the pattern. We have been facing a type of fear that I had hoped never to face in my lifetime. The only positive thing to come out of this fear is that it eclipses my small fears. Now I’m no longer afraid to wear what I want. Or tell people what I think.

The biggest thing I had been saving for when I wasn’t afraid anymore was writing. More specifically, sharing my writing. Here. I have to say despite my own little pep talk (which I have repeated to myself for months) I am still a little scared to click the launch button. I worry that I’m oversharing or that someone will find this and think I’m silly or overdramatic. Or just hate my style. But if I don’t do it now, I never will. If you’re reading this I did it. I did something I would only do if I wasn’t afraid anymore.

It’s a similar feeling to trying surfing for the first time in ice cold water. And I did that already, so how hard can writing an overly personal blog be?

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